Not the only thing we do but we do it well. Specializing in small precise blasts with minimum shock (within US bureau of mines), we have worked around existing structures and delicate nature for decades (seismograph available on request.) We take this precision all the way up to large scale quarry blasts. With an excellent fragmentation record, we leave you with useful stone, from large building boulders to small ballast.

Non Blasting Options

For small breaking jobs or where it is unsafe to blast, we can fracture rock and concrete with several other options. No job too big or small.

Concrete & Asphalt Cutting

Horizontal or vertical. Wet or dry. Concrete, stone or pavement. Indoor or outdoor. We can saw it, up to a depth of a 10 inch blind cut.

Breaker / Jack Hammer

From the smallest hand-held breaker hammer in tight or high places, to the bigger brute, we can break and dig through rock, heavy clay, and concrete masonry up to eight feet. We can even drive many sorts of posts and stakes (e.g. for fencing etc.)

Hand Digging up to Eight Feet

For the homeowner, contractor, or BC Hydro, we dig pole holes near services and where machines can not go. We have shovels up to twelve feet in length.


Diameter 3.5 inches. Ideal for electrical, water, and gas lines. This is for sub-earth penetration; it provides road crossing without excavation.

Diamond Coring

From ½ inch to 12 inch, we can core a hole through stone, masonry, tile, or reinforced concrete, and we do it both precisely and with no shock. From basement renovations to the X-ray room at Lady Minto, we can operate with no dust.


We provide heavy duty sandblasting for the preparation of concrete surfaces and metal boat hulls or for the etching of stone.


From anchor holes to pinholes, foundation securing to blasting drilling, we do it all. Hand drilling for small jobs, and difficult to reach places, up to 20 feet depth and 4 inches diameter. For the larger jobs, we have a Tamrock Commando Automated drill rig with built in dust control and low noise down to 30 feet.


With several options of pumping equipment we can de-water most job sites, to get to work in the worse drainage areas. Trash pump, Submersible pump, Gas pump, 500 gallon portable fire suppression.

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